Dark Shrine continues the tradition of my earlier site (J.K.Rasmussen, African and Tribal Art) of selling affordable, authentic and antique African and tribal art, particularly from West Africa.  

Within this regional niche, my areas of specialization include objects from Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. Genres of special interest are Fon and Ewe twin figures (venavi, venovi, ewewo, hohovi), power objects (fetiche, vodou and bocio figures) and minimalist figures from northern Togo (Moba, Tchamba, Lamba, etc). 

I have been selling to dealers and collectors since 1998 (with excellent publically available feedback I can point you to).  In addition to selling, my misson includes adding value to this art by promoting its esthetic and cultural appreciation (mettre en valeur I believe the French say). To this end, you will find a page devoted to West African religious shrines, ceremonies and in situ images.

My connection to the art on my site originates from a love for the primal arts and love for West Africa –  I lived ten years in Ghana and Togo.

If you are interested in purchasing or would like to see additional images, please email me. I may have additional photos, or can shoot more. Also:  for multiple purchases, for steady loyal customers, and for referrals, discounts will be given! 

(even if you don’t purchase, enjoy the art !)


J.K. Rasmussen   EMAIL:  Jeffras29@gmail.com